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To revolutionize the future of recruiting and corporate staffing for the enterprise and the next generation staffing agency. We build to drive fast and high-caliber recruiting, innovative the recruitment lifecycle and deliver top quality customer service.

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Our Outlook

Every day, we strive to question the norms and re-think innovation as a solution to our customers. We work to create memorable customer experiences and are proud of our long-term client relations. Perhaps it is a new idea or product concept, an opportunity to re-engineer our processes, a chance to be creative or a moment to impress our clients and capture their loyalty, we thrive to deliver on the finer details of it all.

We integrate with various brands to bring our clients the best vendor options for their business needs. Vendor neutrality is the basis of our integrations and is not based on a financial relationship with any service provider. We bring our clients the best because it’s the right thing to do.
  • AddThis
  • BroadBean
  • CareerBuilder
  • Dice
  • DocuSign
  • eQuest
  • Glassdoor
  • Green JobInterview
  • Indeed
  • Lawson
  • LHH
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster
  • RedOxygen
  • Skype
  • eVerified First
  • CareerArc
  • Twitter

Our Commitment to Innovation

Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. has led the way in the development and deployment of recruitment software for over 30 years. With a long history of recruiting industry “firsts,” SmartSearch delivers secure, real-time solutions that reduce IT costs and mitigate risks.

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Our Team Of Experts

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Doug Coull
Founder & CEO

Doug founded APS in 1986 after a successful management career in the contract engineering industry. A leader in technology development for nearly 30 years, Doug brings a unique perspective to the development and user adoption of software and technology in the HR community.

Mike Estrada
Chief Financial Officer

After a decade managing contract staffing firms, Mike made a home at APS in 1995. An early career as a contract programmer offered an opportunity to travel the world, a passion he still lives today. Dugout canoe in the piranha-infested waters of the Peruvian Amazon. Sure!

LJ Morris
Chief Technology Officer & Partner

As a strong advocate of agile development, he believes the secret to survival in a tech-world is to remain fluid, and adapt on a moment’s notice. An admitted tech-junky, LJ bridges the gap between technology and people. LJ holds an MBA in Finance, a BS in General Business and Computer Science.